Teddy Scares 12 inch Plush - Redmond Gore

Suggested Retail Price: $29.95
Price: $23.99
Brand: Teddy Scares
The horrors of Redmond's past have silenced his tongue permanently. A sick and twisted mind, forged from hatred, inhabits his potato-sacked head. Since he is mute, any phrases attributable to Redmond weren't first uttered by him. They are more like whispers in the wind, warnings to stay clear of this raging beast.

Teddy Scares hasn't released a new series since 2005.... but now they are BACK! Limited edition Redmond Gore with his axe ready for a chopping good time!. One of the most sought after Teddy Scares of all time! This is a limited production run and destined to be a collectors item. Get them while you can.
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Color one size
Beige / Gray 2