Bed Of Blood Roses Watch

Suggested Retail Price: $119.99
Price: $109.99
Brand: Alchemy
Hiding a wealth of tangled emotions and a complex romance, the sparkling roses flourish within the heart's blood, surrounded by the black roses of this intoxicating bangle watch, with Swarovski crystals glittering from beneath the bright red enamel.

Red heart & roses bangle-bracelet wristwatch, with black roses and the enamelled heart set with Swarovski crystals; 25mm dia. quartz crystal movement. An arresting timepiece for the hardcore romantic

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Approximate Dimensions:
Width 1.42" x Height 3.07" x Depth 2.87"
Fine English Pewter with some Blackening , Swarovski Crystals and Red Enamel with a glass watch face.