Black Romance Bracelet

Suggested Retail Price: $64.99
Price: $54.99
Brand: Alchemy
From Alchemy,
Wear your heart on your sleeve - a barbed wire, tetherd black heart, wrapped around your wrist by spreadeagled wings of ethereal flight.

The heart of this bracelet has black filled enamel, and a overlaying barbed wire fitting. The wings are artfully sculpted, appearing to fold around the wearers wrist.

This cuff style bracelet is sold in two sizes -
Small 6" - 7.5" circumference
Large 7.5" - 9.5" circumference

To fit this bangle style bracelet, gently squeeze the metal open or closed, to fit the around your wrist.

Alchemy Gothic jewelry is hand cast and made in England from fine English pewter and in many cases, including other high quality materials and finishes.

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