Automaton's Eye Ring

Suggested Retail Price: $124.99
Price: $113.99
Brand: Alchemy
From Alchemy,
A surviving, stand-alone animated integrant of the advanced, life-sized android from the famous workshops of Ezekiel Rosenstein; C 1865. 3-tone pewter ring with opening eye-lid exposing a realistic, taxidermal eye.

Completely freak people out by opening and closing the eye when they aren't looking. Everyone around you will be doing double takes!

Approximate Dimensions - based on US size 10/T:
Width 1.73" x Height 1.42" x Depth 1.3"

Available in sizes:
Q - Fits Ring Size USA 8.5
T - Fits Ring Size USA 9.5
W - Fits Ring Size USA 11
Y - Fits Ring Size USA 12

Alchemy Gothic jewelry is hand cast and made in England from fine English pewter and in many cases, including other high quality materials and finishes.

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