Blue Evil Cat's Eye Necklace

Suggested Retail Price: $49.99
Price: $45.99
Brand: Blue Bayer
From Blue Bayer,
This original design eye of protection necklace is entirely US made in NYC. The original bezel was carved to look like a ship's porthole. It features a cast of a tiny gear I scavenged from a 1920's pocket watch on the back. The porthole is plated in antique silver and comes on a silver plated open link chain with lobster clasps.

The blue cat's eye is hand blown glass. It's hand painted. Made in the US.

Specs. This piece is 15mm wide and tall. 7mm thick. It's about the size of a US dime.
The eye watches out for ill intent and deflects evil or so the ancients say. More specifically, Mediterranean folk believe(d) that jealousy toward oneself is(was) the cause of bad luck. This symbol wards against this. It was used in particular to protect children from the jealous eye of the passerby. Today the symbol of the eye can be seen though out the Arab world protecting homes, businesses, and even taxi cabs.

PLEASE NOTE: Necklaces are made per order, so please allow an extra 2-3 days for delivery.