Bald Eagle Talon Necklace

Suggested Retail Price: $29.99
Price: $24.99
Brand: Blue Bayer
From Blue Bayer,
This is a cast of an adult bald eagle fore talon. It measures 1 and a half inches long 3.81 cm. It comes on an adjustable linen cord. You may request a chain and length in the message box at check out if you like. It is cast in solid white metal and silver plated. This is a piece that a man or a woman can wear. It's simple, elegant, and strong.

We actually have a nesting pair of bald eagles on the Northern tip of Manhattan. They fish the Hudson. Beautiful.

Not to worry Blue Bayer make molds from natural materials they find in the woods or finds people bring to them. This piece was actually cast from a museum replica. No birds were harmed.

PLEASE NOTE: Necklaces are made per order, so please allow an extra 2-3 days for delivery.