Teddy Scares 12 inch Plush - Annabelle Wraithia

Suggested Retail Price: $29.95
Price: $23.99
Brand: Teddy Scares
The tragic tale of Annabelle Wraithia has no happily ever after. Separated from her groom on their wedding day and thoughtlessly discarded shortly afterwards, her body was destroyed in the incinerator. Unable to find peace in the underworld she wanders the trash dump hoping to be reunited with her other half.

Teddy Scares hasn't released a new series since 2005.... but now they are BACK! Limited edition Annabelle Wraithia with her wedding dress and removable head!! One of the most sought after Teddy Scares of all time! This is a limited production run and destined to be a collectors item. Get them while you can. Comes in it's own collectors box with tragic back-story. Brought to you by: Applehead Factory
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Color 12"
White with Blue Trim 6