Special Effects Hair Dye

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Brand: Special Effects

Semi-Permanent Cream Formula.
Special Effects Hair Dye is of the most intense; long-lasting; semi-permanent hair color out there! It can last anywhere from 2-6 weeks!
Lasts longer on bleached or pre-lightened hair. (Darker hair fades fastest) Conditions hair as it colors!
Not tested on animals and vegan friendly.

* = Colors that glow under blacklight!

Atomic Pink - very bright pink *
Blood Red- deep rich red
Blue Haired Freak - very light bright blue
Blue mayhem - bright neon blue
Blue Velvet - Deep blue
Bright as F#$% Yellow - very very bright yellow! *
Burgundy Wine - blue toned burgundy
Candy Apple Red - medium toned red
Cherry Bomb - bright bright neon cool-toned red *
Cupcake Pink - bright pink *
Deep Purple - very dark blue purple
Devilish - bright slightly cool toned red
Electric Blue - bright true blue
Fishbowl - aqua turquoise
Hi Octane Orange - very bright red-orange *
Hot Lava - Warm red/orange
Iguana Green - bright holiday green
Joyride - pastel pink-purple *
Limelight - bright green
Mixer/Toner - Looks lavender; but is actually a toner for your already bleached hair to take out any yellowish tint
Napalm Orange - bright neon yellow-orange *
Nuclear Red - very bright red *
Pitch Black -Black!
Pimpin' Purple - medium red-purple
Purple Smoke - pastel blue-toned purple
Sonic Green - medium teal
Virgin Rose - medium magenta
Wildflower - bright blue-purple

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Color one size
Blood Red 6
Blue Haired Freak 1
Blue Mayhem 6
Candy Apple Red 0
Cupcake Pink 6
Deep Purple 6
Fish Bowl 0
Hi-Octane Orange 0
Iguana Green 0
Limelight 0
Mixer/Toner 0
Purple Smoke 0
Pimpin Purple 8
Devilish 0
Virgin Rose 7
Sonic Green 0
Joyride 7
Napalm Orange 1
Wildflower 6
Atomic Pink 0
Electric Blue 5
Nuclear Red 5
Cherry Bomb 5
Hot Lava 1
Blue Velvet 0
Bright As F@#! Yellow 0
Burgundy Wine 0