Star Wars: Force Awakens - Captain Phasma Deluxe Costume

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Price: $59.99
The Empire has fallen, but new evils have awakened.
As rows upon rows of Stormtroopers organize themselves for battle, an imposing figure enters the ship’s bay, clad in a shining suit of silver armor. Her face behind a dark mask, a black and red cape billows behind her as she inspects every soldier in her Stormtrooper unit. Today, the First Order will command a decisive victory over the Resistance, and the powers that control the galaxy will be that much closer.

Say hello to the face of darkness.
Star Wars villains are among the most infamous in all of science fiction. From Darth Vader and Emperor Palpatine in the original films, to Count Dooku and Darth Maul in the prequels, they’re all household names. With Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Captain Phasma throws her helmet into the ring as, quite possibly, the best female villain, ever.

This is an officially licensed Star Wars product.
As a captain of the First Order, all that resist shall fall by your hand.
Captain Phasma is the ultimate Star Wars femme fatale, and this authentic costume brings her to life. For the female Star Wars fan that’s craving another strong character to cosplay, Phasma is the perfect costume. Similar in construction to an ordinary suit of white Stormtrooper armor, Captain Phasma’s costume has a mirrored, chrome finish instead. The armor itself is made of individually sculpted and detailed foam pieces, and the included molded two-piece Captain Phasma helmet fully encloses the head, to transform the wearer completely.
Materials: Polyester, Polyurethane Foam, exclusive of decoration.

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Size Chart
Sizing measurements provided are a range for the person who will be wearing the costume, NOT measurements of the costume itself.
Size Chest Waist Inseam
Teen (Jacket Size) 34-36" N/A N/A
Small (Jacket Size) 32-34" N/A N/A
Medium (Jacket Size) 34-36" N/A N/A
X-Small 34" 24-26" 32"
Small 36" 26-28" 33"
Medium 42" 30-34" 33"
Large 46" 36-40" 33"
X-Large 50" 42-46" 33"
One Size Standard 42" 30-34" 33"
Plus 50" 42-46" 33"
1X 50" 46" 33"
2X 56" 52" 33"