Batman Onesie Costume For Adults

Suggested Retail Price: $49.99
Price: $43.99
The Batman Onesie Costume For Adults is the perfect officially licensed outfit for pajama parties, all night movie marathons and late night snack runs. When you dream of being a superhero, why not dress the part? Be the costumed superhero your next party deserves.

Includes: A polyester onesie with short cape. Onesie features front zipper closure.
Does not include: Shoes
Material: Polyester
This is an officially licensed DC Comics product

The Dark Knight Rises
A new super villain called Insomnia has invaded the bedrooms of Gotham City, stealing sleep from its innocent citizens. The inmates at Arkham Asylum are restless, Catwoman can't get her cat naps -- even the Riddler has cracked. Can Batman battle the nefarious nod-nabber and return REM sleep to the city before sun up? In this cozy zip up onesie, our nocturnal hero can incapacitate Insomnia and return to the Batcave for a celebratory snooze. When you awake from your own slumber, you'll find that you were the Caped Crusader all along.

Stay up all night with the Bat
Whether you're attending an after hours event at Comic Con or staying in with a weekend long marathon of all the Batman movies from Keaton to Bale, pay tribute to Bruce Wayne's alter ego with this gray, black and yellow Batman onesie in comfort and style. Host an epic Justice League Slumber Party and have super fun staging pillow fights and trading spooky origin stories with The Flash and Superman. If Aquaman falls asleep first, stick his flippers in the freezer. Beware playing Truth or Dare with Wonder Woman, though.

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Size Chart
Sizing measurements provided are a range for the person who will be wearing the costume, NOT measurements of the costume itself.
Size Chest Waist Inseam
Teen (Jacket Size) 34-36" N/A N/A
Small (Jacket Size) 32-34" N/A N/A
Medium (Jacket Size) 34-36" N/A N/A
X-Small 34" 24-26" 32"
Small 36" 26-28" 33"
Medium 42" 30-34" 33"
Large 46" 36-40" 33"
X-Large 50" 42-46" 33"
One Size Standard 42" 30-34" 33"
Plus 50" 42-46" 33"
1X 50" 46" 33"
2X 56" 52" 33"