IT Movie Pennywise Clown Mask

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Price: $56.99
”I’m every nightmare you’ve ever had. I’m everything you were ever afraid of.”
All clowns are creepy. This is an objective truth, you can’t fight it. We don’t mean to judge, but if you work as a clown, either in the circus, or entertaining at parties, then you are absolutely contributing to the nightmares of children. But like we said, we’re not judging. Kids gotta have nightmares about something. If it’s not clowns, it’s zombies, or snakes, or giving a speech in their underwear. If you don’t clown professionally, but are planning to wear a clown costume for Halloween, why not go with the granddaddy of them all? Pennywise, from the novel “IT” and the accompanying mini-series, is probably not only the originator of the evil clown trope, but also the undisputed world heavyweight champion. Giant forehead, a huge halo of flame-red hair, dead eyes, and A MOUTHFUL OF TINY SHARK TEETH. Plus, he’s basically an immortal demon, which cranks the creepiness up more than just a couple notches. Now, while there’s bound to be a bunch of other creepy clowns at the Halloween party, you will be the original. If there’s anyone there who recognizes you as not just “Generic Creepy Clown”, but rather as Pennywise the demon clown from IT, then you just became best friends. Boom. You’re welcome.
Includes deluxe latex mask with attached hair.
Does not include costume.
This is an officially licensed product.
Materials: Latex, Synthetic Fiber