Fade In/Out Unknown Phantom Child Costume

Suggested Retail Price: $34.99
Price: $25.99
Through the darkness, a pair of glowing red eyes floats in the distance: the eyes of the phantom!
In the darkness of the night, a cold chill is felt, followed by a pair of red eyes in the distance. Fading in and out, the Phantom moves in silence. The Fade In/Out Unknown Phantom Child Costume complements the dark night as the red, glowing eyes fade in and out. Beware the Phantom, for they move through the night like wind. Surprise your friends and family with this ghostly Phantom costume, and the glowing red eyes behind the black hood will have them shivering where they stand. Let them remember the night they meet the mysterious phantom!

The Fade In/Out Phantom costume comes with black robe, belt, gloves, hood, and glasses for the glowing red eyes. Glasses are meant to be worn under the hood and require three "AA" batteries (not included).
Robe, gloves, belt, and hood are made from polyester (exclusive of decorations). Glasses are made from plastic, PVC, and contain electronic components.
Includes: Robe, Belt, Gloves, Hood, Glasses.
Shoes and batteries are not included.
Toy sickle/scythe sold separately.
Materials: Polyester, Exclusive of Decorations; Glasses: Plastic -PVC, Electronics

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Size Chart
Sizing measurements provided are a range for the person who will be wearing the costume, NOT measurements of the costume itself.
Size Weight Height Chest Waist
0-6 Months 8-16 lbs 23-25" Up to 18" 17.75"
6-12 Months 17-23 lbs 25-29" 19.5" 18.5"
12-24 Months Up to 28 lbs 33-37" N/A N/A
18-24 Months Up to 28 lbs 28-31" N/A N/A
Up to 24 Months Up to 28 lbs Up to 30" N/A N/A
24 Months-2T 20-28 lbs 33-37" 20-22" 18-20"
3T to 4T 28-36 lbs 38-40" 21-23" 19-21"
Small (4-6) 35-45 lbs 38-46" 22-25" 19-22"
Small / Medium (4-8) 35-73 lbs 47-51" 25-27" 22-23"
Medium (8-10) 55-73 lbs 49-54" 27-30" 23-25"
Medium Large (10-14) 55-100 lbs 49-60" 27-32" 23-26"
Large (12-14) 74-100 lbs 55-60" 30-32" 24-26"
Pre-Teen (8-10) 55-73 lbs 49-54" 27-30" 23-25"
Pre-Teen (12-14) 74-100 lbs 55-60" 30-32" 24-26"
Teen (Juniors 0-9) 95-130 lbs Up to 5'7" 32-36.5" 24-27"