San Esteban Pearls Necklace

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Price: $84.99
Brand: Alchemy
From Alchemy,
The jewell taken from a captured gentleman officer of the shipwrecked San Esteban, after the defeat of the Spanish Armada in in 1588. Wrecked off the coast of Ireland in County Clare, the surviving crew were all condemned to death and hanged at Spanish Point.

For which lady was this treasure intended?

An antiqued pewter Baroque-style cartouche exhibiting a large Swarovski crystal lozenge and with a decorated pewter dropper suspended beneath. The necklace hangs on black satin ribbon and is draped with silver Swarovski pearls either side.

The 7mm black ribbon necklace is 38", (96cm) long overall, for tying by hand.

Approximate Dimensions:
Width 1.61" x Height 4.02" x Depth 0.24"
Chain Length:
Fine English Antiqued Pewter with Black Satin Ribbon. Swarovski Pearls & a Large Swarovski Crystal.