Power Rangers Dino Charge: Boys Blue Ranger Muscle Costume

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Guarding treasures from the past
Dinosaurs were chosen to guard the energems millions of years ago but it's up to the Power Rangers to keep them safe and secure now. The time has come for your child to live out the part of one of the heroes when he wears this Power Rangers Dino Charge: Boys Blue Ranger Muscle Costume to his next Halloween party or other fun event. Dangerous villains beware, the Blue Ranger is on the job!
- Includes: The Power Rangers Dino Charge: Boys Blue Ranger Muscle Costume includes a muscle chest jumpsuit with attached belt, shoulder piece, and mask.
- Does not include: Socks or weapon.
- This is an officially licensed Power Rangers costume.

The Blue Ranger
His real name is Koda and he has the most interesting back story of the entire group. He comes from a tribe of prehistoric cavemen that lived 10,000 years ago. Now he's in our time, and although he sometimes seems a little out-of-place, he's always ready to try and he never gives up. His dinosaur spirit is the indomitable stegosaurus and Koda wields the Stege shield as a weapon. Your child will feel the power of the energem when he takes on the role of the Blue Ranger!

The story continues
The Dino Charge story line represents the 22nd season of the Power Rangers franchise, which is a big achievement indeed. People who started following the show in their youth now have kids of their own who are into what the hard-charging teens are up to. It's time for the next generation to step to the plate and battle the evil forces who would wish the Power Rangers harm!

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Size Chart
(Sizing measurements provided are a range for the person who will be wearing the costume, NOT measurements of the costume itself.)
Size Weight Height Chest Waist Hips Inseam
(0-6M) 12-16 lbs 23-26" 17-18" 18-19" 18" 5-7"
(6-12M) 18-25 lbs 26.5-29.5" 18-19" 18-19" 18" 5-7"
(12M-18M) 20-26 lbs 28-32" 19-20" 19-20" 19-20" 9-11"
(2T) 27-30 lbs 33-34" 20-21" 19-20" 20-21" 10-12"
(3T-4T) 34-38 lbs 39-42" 22-23" 20-21" 22-23" 12-16"
(4-6) 36-47 lbs 4'-4'2" 26" 23.5" 26" 19-20"
(7-8) 48-60 lbs 4'2"-4'6" 26.5" 24.5" 27.5" 21-23"
(10-12) 60-87 lbs 4'6"-4'11"' 28" 26.5" 30" 24-25"
(10H-12H) 88-100 lbs 4'6"-4'10" 32-33.5" 29-30.5" 33-36" 25-27"
(14-16) 85-100 lbs 4'11"-5'4" 31" 29" 33" 26-27"
(38-40 Teen) 153-180 lbs 5'9"-5'11" 38-40" 32-34" 37-39" 29-31"