Predator DlX Mask w/Removable Faceplate

Suggested Retail Price: $69.99
Price: $64.99
Feeling the need to terrify? Try the Predator Dlx Mask w/Removable Faceplate.
Long before he became Governor of California, and long before his subsequent “Visit California” commercials, Arnold Schwarzenegger was the lead character, Dutch, in the movie, Predator. But beating the Predator was no easy feat, especially since the Predator was in kill mode anytime it sensed its victim was armed. Seriously? Could you imagine approaching this beast unarmed? This mask is truly a lifelike representation of the Predator look. If you’re going to over the top, terrifying and grotesque, look no further. This mask is a unique latex mask sporting some separate dreadlocks, deluxe paint job, and closed mouth mandible (a must have part of the Predator look!) so the Predator Helmet can fit into place.

- Removable plastic faceplate also included, covers face of mask only, and is held in place by elastic bands.
- Can be spot cleaned.
- Wearer fully responsible for making people run in the opposite direction.

If you’re out of candy for Trick or Treaters, just answer the door in this mask and you’ll have nothing to worry about. Or use it to attend a late-night showing of one of the Predator movies and really get into the part. FYI, it may be hard to munch the popcorn while trying to look terrifying, but that’s a risk you’ll have to take. If you want attention, wear the Predator Dix Mask with removable Faceplate. Just don’t scare your mother!

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