Civil War Adult Captain America 24 Inch Shield

Suggested Retail Price: $34.99
Price: $32.99
The accessory for Captain America
Who is Captain America without his shield? No one. It's impossible for Captain America to be his supreme self without his shield - Captain America without his shield is a like a fish without water and this is a must for any Captain America costumes.
- Includes: One Captain America 24" Adult Shield.
- Shield is red, white and blue, and comprised of molded plastic.
- This item is an officially licensed product for the Captain America line.

One of the greatest American superheroes
Captain America is the quintessential superhero. Attired with a star emblazoned on the front of his chest, a bold "A" on the mask of his forehead, and toting a shield to keep him safe in the most trying of circumstances, this hero is known for his agility, and superior fighting skills. He is the cream of the crop when it comes to strength and affiliation, and you'll be too with his shield (or, at least for All Hallows Eve!).

The shield is a "Must-Have"
Captain America's shield is a necessary part of his look - don't be caught without it! You'll be able to protect yourself by flinging it at adversaries, though its boomerang abilities are not guaranteed. The disc shape with the star in the middle is not only a Captain America must-have, but a useful trick-or-treating helper. Defend your pathway to candy with the shield and then use it to serve your loot to the ones you love - an accessory has never been so helpful before!

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