Mistress Pheromone Lip Gloss (Gothic Beauty)

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From Master & Mistress, NYC
Mistress Fantasy Lip Slicks can improve your seductive nature and attract the mate you want. These Lip Slicks add a sensuous gloss and deep tint while moisturizing the sensitive lip area. Whether just to toy with or start a romance, the allure of the Pheromone Infused Lip Gloss is in it's tinted, luxurious, moisturizing formula. Mistress Lip Fantasy acts on your senses when you breath in the imperceptible pheromone, carried by the sensual, warming top notes for improved mood, sexual awareness, confidence, arousal and attraction.

Choose your color, but choose wisely as your journey to improved attraction, renewed passion and sexual intimacy will begin as you become more seductive, confident and energetic...
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Also Available in:
Vixen (burgundy)
Passion (wine)
Mysterious Nude (clear)

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Color one size
Gothic Beauty 4