MTV Scream Series Adult Mask

Suggested Retail Price: $19.99
Price: $9.99
Stand out from a sea of masks
Hero masks are so cliche! Nobody wants to wear a Spiderman mask and see another person wearing the same thing. With the officially licensed MTV Scream Mask for Adults, you are sure to stand out from all the rest.

Includes: The MTV Scream Mask For Adults includes one Scream Mask.
Does not include: Hoodie.
Material: Polystyrene.
Care instructions: Spot clean.
This is an officially licensed MTV Scream product.

Scream out your uniqueness
During costume parties, superhero costumes often take the front seat what with every guy wanting to be Batman, Spiderman or Iron Man. With the "Scream" mask, you are sure to be unique. It will also make you more interesting. People might just ask you why you chose a horror movie mask over the typical superhero choices. You can also ask people who will win: horror movie villain with amazing stealth talent versus any superhero. Just don't take the fight seriously.

Be the life of the party
As the cool guy who refuses to dress stereotypically as a superhero, take the active role in starting conversations and maybe hosting the games. Start the ball rolling by asking guests to shout out their best screams. You can even hold a glass and see if anyone can break it. Being the horror movie character at a party can open a lot of opportunities. Just don't scare anyone away with a knife, fake or otherwise. Before the night ends, everyone might just be screaming to get your number! Recommended for Ages 15 and up.

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