Monarch Butterfly Wings Adult

Suggested Retail Price: $19.99
Price: $14.99
Flutter from milkweed plant to milkweed plant!
You will be set to travel thousands of miles in style with the Monarch Butterfly Wings Adult. Spread your wings and have fun. Monarchs are one of the most loved types of butterflies. Each year they fly thousands of miles from their winter home to their summer home searching all the while for the milkweed plants that sustain them along the way. They may have to fly great distances, but you will not have to travel far to find fun.

- Oversized wings of orange, yellow, and black will make your transformation complete.
- Black straps go around your arms to hold the wings in place.
- A black circle marks the spot where the wings come together.
- They are dusky in the front and bright in the back.

Wear these wings for Halloween parties, themed events, or just to enjoy a whimsical summer day. They are simply lovely, mimicking the bright outer side of the wings and the more muted underside of the stunning Monarch butterfly. People will be impressed when they see you coming – and going – in these winsome wings. You will be the buzz of the room as your friends hover, impressed at your transformation.

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